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Big bag feeding station

Product introduction
    Big bag feeding station lift ton bag to material entrance,manually open ton bag unloading port rope,by beating device make the granules material in ton bag fall into buffer tank by gravity and complete opening and unloading quantificationally by screw conveying.Can widely used in pharmaceutical、chemical and food industry.
Main work principle:
    The system consist of hosting hanger、big beating device、pneumatic bagclamping device、buffer tank、weigh、screw conveyor and unloading pipe.Used to discharge bagged material ,is semi-automatization operation.Package big bag is hoisted by electric block,the rope of bag hang on steel bracket,manually operate to conrtol block' up and down and walking,move to the above of unloading area along  guide rail and make big bag in unloading position.
    Press button,clamping cylinder rise,operator pull unloading port to the inner ring of sackholder,press the clamping button,clamping cylinder fall,through seal ring clamp sackholder' inner ring ,when operator open tie rope of ton bag unloading port,material begin to blank through sackholder' inner ring,blanking process with no powder leaking,material begin to blank along tunnel in the action of gravity.
    During the procedure,to make material in package and tunnle fluent,add pat bag device can vibrate and loose material.Material fall into buffer tank after beated,and delivered to unloading pipe part by screw evenly,finally reach the appointed device.
    After unloading finishion manual tie bags,sackholder open clamping button,bag press machine rise,manually operate electric block lifting,hang out empty bags.
 main technical parameters  
 unloading weight: ton bag  wirking pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa
 lifting power: 3T  delivery speed: ~10T/h 
simple and reasonable structure,convenient to operate
adopt ring chain electric block,compact structure,flexible and convenient to operate
bag clamping device with simple operation,unloading process without powder leaking,tie bag port easily and firmly
bottom beating device can better ensure unloading fluent,avoid material retention im bag
Big bag unloading system
mixture process finished  directly assist through bottom pressed closed cone
big bag can contact automatically,unloading speed can control
can also handle and blowdown the poor liquid material
unloading and contacting without external pollution and powder leaking,as dust-proof effect
bag can fold during transportation process,especially container transport with low cost
unloading material thoroughly clean,no residue in bag