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flexible isolation protection scheme

Product introduction
  • PE Transfer Bag    -----Perfect Solution of Isolatiopn
    Feng Long Implement PE Transfer Bag
    The PE transfer bag is used combined with seperation type butterfly value,this series product can replace the traditional cylinder.
    How to Work
    The PE transfer bag can be used alone,also combined with reusable plastic bags.Do transfer the material without keaking,feed and unload material through split sanitary flange.The sanitary flange can be with the use of all powder butterfly value ,the passive value fill or empty material in the bag,then dock with the active value.
    The sanitary flange is injection molding and heat sealing in the bag,the connection between flange and bag is smooth without dead angles,avoiding the possibility of polluting the powder wall or the sealing area bulge.when feeding,only use a single lift link to support,the strength is far great than the package board.
    Features                                                 Applications                                                   
    flexible                                            has been proved the following aspects:
    transparent visual                                  packaging materials from the glove box     
    sanitary flange                                     resctor                                           
    type diverse                                        tank feed for cream mixed     
    thin film material is PE grain                      tank feed slurry     
    can handle bridging phenomenon,unloading over 99.5% material
    operator can observe the processed material without breaking isolation protection
    can dock woith all powder butterfly value
    can equipped with laboratory scale,weigh the bulk material
    sturdy and durable,eliminate static,contact part material meet the FDA criterion
    Why choose us
    cut down the cost
    no need cleaning and cleaning confirmation
    the best product callback
    visual production material
    handle bridging phenomenon
    1L,5L,10L,15L,25L,30L,50L,and 100L;
    can equipped with one flexible pipe,add liquid to the bag to clean the residual powder